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Hello there,
I am a quiet normal young man at 29 years old, but when I say normal I am really having Asperger's syndrome which means quiet a few thing for me fx I hate being social at times and is very bad at teamwork plus I get sick by overthinking as I cannot stop myself when I start. I have started to meditate every day now and I think it will help me clean my mind for overthinking even that the guide in the app says that I shall focus on become friends with my bad thoughts instead of try pushing them away and it really feels like a good way. Other than that then I am a scout leader who learn kids in the age 6-8 years about nature and other scouts things which is going fine and helps me get some of my wish of being a kindergarten teacher come true which did not happen because of my Asperger Syndrome. In my friend time, I watch lots of movies, play lots of games and read books while also a part time novelist which is the main reason for this blog. I also used to write reviews but at the moment I try focus on my novel as I have been trying to write it so many times. My plan for my novels is not to get rich or famous but to show people that not all stuff is the same as many movies is either sequels or very similar. I still like movies. Guess that was more less me.


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More added to chapter 3, hopes it is not too bloody :-)
Sorry sick last week but back again with new part which have been uploaded now

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Ling Wang wakes up in her bed with a set and look around and on herself with quick movements but cannot find any of the injuries she had from the fight, she just had with the soldiers but before she can think more about it, her mother enters her room with a smile on her face “You are up, cherry” and before Ling Wang can reply she continues “Look who is home” and in comes her father also smiling “You were so sleepy that you did not meet me at the hill we had agreed on” he continued like he knew what her mother was going to say. Ling Wang ran over to give her father a big hug and felt warmer inside, she wanted to tell him about her dream about the attack and the soldiers and the rest of her dream but she did not want to scary them with that so she decided to wait. It got warmer and warmer inside the room and Ling Wang could not find out where the heat was coming from but decided that it much had been all the energy she used to be with her father now was back. They walked out in the morning sun but there was no birds singing in the sky which confused her even more. She ran in the front to tell people about that her father was now home but she could not find any people either so she got even more and more confused and then she turned around and turned into stone as her house and the rest of the town was in fire but her parents just walked against her like nothing was happening. “Mom, dad?” she managed to speak before they were at her side quicker than the wind with a sword in their hands which they held against her “You was going to deliver the message to the emperor” her mother started with an evil dry voice. “You should have been a boy” her father continued with the same evil dry voice as the mother. Ling Wang tried to run away but her feet had turned into rocks and the evil voice continued “You are a failure”, “We don’t love you”, “We never cared about you”, “You was never our daughter” Ling Wang started to cry because of all the hard things they said against her but in the middle of it an gentle voice started to appear “Wake up”, “Wake up“ it repeated over and over which made her former parents started to cut in her and she could feel the pain grow bigger and bigger. Suddenly a big hand appeared in the sky and pushed her parents away before taking her up from the ground and in the next second Ling Wang looked into a face of an old man. Confused and scared from the dream she started screaming and crying loud before the old man held a gentle hand over her mouth. “You are safe here, it was just a nightmare” he spoke like the gentle voice in the dream. She looked at him with her death eyes and even that they didn’t look directly at him he knew she was calm again so when she nodded too, he just as gentle removed his hand. “I am sorry to me you like this” he started while moving behind the fireplace so she could get warmth into her beaten body. He was about to continue but was interrupted by Ling Wang “Where I am? Who are you? Where are my horse?” Her mouth turn sour in all the questions as she didn’t knew up or down in anything. All she knew was the pain inside her chest from the lose of her parents and the accident with the horse not long ago. The accident stood clear in her mind like a painting and her mouth worked again “what happened to the soldiers?... hmph...” the gentle hand was back and a gentle voice replied “I will answer all your questions, one at a time... but before I will answer anything I want to know your name so I know who I am talking to, are you up to that?” Ling Wang nodded and in the second she felt the hand leave her mouth she replied “I am Ling Wang, only daughter of general Xiao Wang and Lan Wang former concubine of the emperor” she stopped as she worried that the hand would return even it was gentle but nothing happened so she continued “I regret to inform that both of them are expected death together with the entire town” she wanted to say more but she could her that her company had started crying so she stopped and felt the heat warm her up. The old man looked at her trying to figure out if it was true he had just heard so he gathered his tears and asked “is that really why you are here?” Tear drops could be hear falling when he ended the question and Ling Wang just looked after him with even more death eyes than before. “l am sorry but yes.” She answered with a voice leaving no doubt and her eyes started dripping again too before she continue “Now I have introduced myself, who may I ask you are?” And the old man replied “Jiahao Wang, your father’s grandmaster, I have know your father since I meet her in a forest much like this after the first war between the emperor and his brother so I supposed I should know about you too but been too focused on personal matters that I have been away for too long and was on the way to visit your parents” Ling Wang could hear there was more sadness in the voice than before so she knew something bad had happened to him and she was sure he wasn’t lying to her but still she was not sure if it was right time to ask questions other than those about the place and what had happened whilee she had been blacked out. “Where am I?” She started trying to make the mind focus on present instead of the horrible past. She could hear Jiahao Wang get himself together before he answered “in the forest not far from where you was attacked by those soldiers, which I saved you from and if I may ask, why were they after you?” Ling Wang had wanted to know what had happened to them but his question had surprised her as he didn’t feel like the person who would just rush in and save a girl he didn’t know who was. She was about to answer his answer but he continued “In case your mind wants to know what happened to your attackers, then they are all dead as they attack me after I tried to come between them and you so your story has to be good” Ling Wang turned confused while on the same time horrified as why would he know more than the story she had just told him but she decided it was best to do what he asked so she started slowly. “I woke up this morning like any other day before getting dressed and running out to train with a sword I found in my father closet around the time he left.” She held a break as tears ran a bit while her chest hurted because of the injuries and then continue “I trained to make my parents proud of me as I felt like I was a burden to them and” “Your parents never watched you as a burden as they loved you more than life itself or rather they did last time I knew was them around your birth, now continue and I am sorry to break your story” Ling Wang did not know what to say except continuing as he told her to. “Well, I was disrupted by a servant who wanted me back him because my mother had fallen but I believed that it was a way of getting me home as it started raining and wanted to stay on the hill and train while waiting for my father. Suddenly arrows started to fall around me and I froze which made the servant take me and run me home but on the way he was hit and I was in the mess of the town full of scared people screaming and in panic. Luckily another servant found me and got me home where my mother had packed a horse and I was put on it while she stayed behind. I tried to return to her but they closed the gate and the soldiers you killed started following me and then I ended  up meeting you” tears ran fast as she stopped her story and she felt the old man hold around her to make her feel better. “I know it was hard to tell me the entire story, but don’t you feel better now than before you did” Ling Wang was too sad to answer but nodded anyway to accept his idea. The we’re close for a long time or it rather felt like it before suddenly Ling Wangs belly rubbled “You most be hungry after no breakfast or time to eat doing the escape and now it is almost midnight” Ling Wang nodded again and soon she could smell bread which she eat gentle but still quite fast. It was bit dry but she didn’t mind at all as it was food. “Thanks” she managed to say between the bites and Jiahao Wang just laughed for the first time since they meet and the mood between them became better. While she eat she could him prepare the horse and wondered why they would go before it hit her, he would help her go to the emperor’s palace of course.
Ling Wang took the last bite of the bread and was about to say something but her ears caught the birds flying away fast and wild together with lots of broken branches and suddenly Jiahao Wang yelled “I know you cannot see, but try if you can get on the horse anyway while I keep them at bay” Ling Wang could feel the fear from the events with her servant grow inside her together with her mother sending her away so instead of froze so almost turned to stone and could not move a muscle, she could not even make herself breath or chewing the mouthful she still had in her mouth. Soon a high scream was hear and she knew that Jiahao Wang had attacked and hopefully killed the first one as the voice did not sound like his voice. Suddenly someone hit her in the back and she landed in the cold muddy ground with a splash and her face got under the small amount of water and still she was not able to move so her mind started to fill with thoughts “You are dying now, this is the end” she could hear her mother say “You are weak and worth nothing” her father’s voice continued but suddenly the old man voice was in her head “You are not worthless and your parents loved you more than life itself” she could feel her arm move in the mud beside her and soon the other arm followed as a power inside her started to grow and before she knew it they arms had raised her for the muddy ground and she was ready to go to the horse but just as she was about to move, she felt a sword touching her neck and a dry evil voice commanded “You stay here, little girl” Ling Wang could feel the power turning into a rage and without any warning or control she turned around and faced the man with the sword who was so surprised that he did not managed to move and in the next second it was too late as she had grabbed the sword by the blade with her hand and even small drops of blood started to fall down from her fingers she could not feel the pain and in one move she had forced the sword from the soldier and now he was the one laying the muddy ground without any breaths as the ground slowly turned more and more red. There were no time to think only do as soon two new soldiers were right in front of her and even she could not see them, she could feel their present so she just raised the sword from the soldier from before and felt the blood run down her arms fueling her rage even more and in the next second she was already next to the two soldiers who just stood like stones and before they were able to move Ling Wang had already made them lose their breath and made them kneel in front of her. They tried to speak but before they could say anything they were already down in the muddy ground in two parts with blood running anywhere. Jiahao Wang who had been having his own battles looked at the killings that Ling Wang had done with both fear and surprised look but before he could yell anything to Ling Wang he felt a sharp sword against his throat “Be quiet, old man... do not say a word before I command you to” in the meantime had Ling Wang slashed another solider down and there were no end in sight of her rage and she took aim at the next soldier who was already screaming of fear of what she would do to to him but just as the sword hit him, Jiahao Wang yelled “Ling Wang, please stop” but it was too late as Long wang just finished her cut and leaved the man died in his own blood before walking against the old man and his capture. “Stop and put down your sword or I will kill the old man” Ling Wang stopped and slowly dropped her sword like she were commanded but the rage inside her made she not able to speak. “Good girl” the capture replied 
The Blind Girl - Chapter 3 - The Old Man
The third chapter of my first novel named "The Blind Girl" in my future book series "Beyond Love Existence" you can read more about it on my website


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